• June 4, 2019
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Emergency & Trauma

At Hamida Ashiq Trust Hospital we provide the Emergency Services for Adult Emergency & Trauma, Female Emergency and Pediatric Emergency: They are equipped with but not limited to:

Central Oxygen and Air Supply: A central Line for Oxygen and Air supply is readily available at every patient bay for immediate resuscitation or requirement of the patient need.

Crash Cot: An Emergency Crash Cot containing all Life saving medications, surgical supplies, splints, anti narcotic antidotes, Ambu Bags, Laryngoscopes, auto ophthalmoscopes is available and maintained by the Emergency Incharge at all times.

Medical Instruments to include, Emergency, Dressing trays, sterilized instruments etc. are available.

Adequate light is an essential requirement to clearly identify the vein for I/v or exposed area of the patient to estimate and treat the injury.

Defibulators are used in case of acute emergency to revive the rhythm of the heart. Electric shocks or impulses are given up to 300 joules to revive the patient.

Multi parameter Patient monitors show the Patient’s vitals on screen all the time to include SPO2 levels, Pulse, Respiration, Heart rate, LIVE ECG Graph, Blood Pressure levels are regular pre-set intervals, Body Temperature etc.

Mercury Blood Pressure Apparatuses located at every bed side help in co-relating the digital Blood pressure levels through the manual method. Murcury Blood pressure apparatus is still considered to be Gold standard in accuracy of Blood pressure monitoring.

Pulse Oxymeters: portable pulse oxymeters are used to check the Pulse Rate, Oxygen Saturation in Blood and Heart rate of the patient used mainly while shifting/transporting the patient in Ambulance, from one department to other.

Glucometers: are available in the Emergency department to quickly identify the Blood sugar levels on the spot before an infusion can be started. These can also be sent to Laboratory to verify the results as urgent sample

Electro cauterization should effectively stop bleeding if it is being used during surgery or after an injury. If it was for removal of a tumor, wart, or otherwise, all abnormal tissue growth will have been removed in a successful procedure. The heat from the probe should sterilize the site, and there will often not be a need for stitches

Localized Cryotherapy is used to reduce pain, inflammation, and swelling in targeted areas.  Its recognized applications in Rheumatology , Rehabilitation, Neurology ,Orthopedics ,Traumatology Sports Medicine, Aesthetic Medicine , Athletic Recovery.

Portable Ultrasound Machine:There is a portable ultrasound machine available at all time for the access of the health professionals to diagnose through scanning.

Portable –Digital X-Ray is available for scanning the damage caused in an injury to the bones.

ECG: (electrocardiogram) is a test that measures the electrical activity of the heart. The heart is a muscular organ that beats in rhythm to pump the blood through the body. The signals that make the heart's muscle fibres contract come from the sinoatrial node, which is the natural pacemaker of the heart.