• June 10, 2021
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Hamida Ashiq Trust Hospital’s Healthcare’s Neuro and Spine Centre offers modern and comprehensive treatment plans in the country for over two decades. Our team of doctors is committed to addressing the physical, cognitive and emotional needs of those who come to us with diseases that affect the brain, spinal cord and peripheral nervous system.

The Hamida Ashiq Trust Hospital’s Centre of Neurology, an initiative of Hamida Ashiq Trust Hospital’s that deals with:

•          Diagnosis and Treatment of Epilepsy,

•          Classification and Treatment of Headaches,

•          Movement Disorders,

•          Neuro immunological disorders,

•          Multiple Sclerosis,

•          Neuromuscular disease,

•          Cerebral Stroke,

•          Intensive care Unit for Neurocritical cases.

The Hamida Ashiq Trust Hospital’s Centre of Neurosurgery:

A neurological surgeon may provide either surgical or non-surgical care, depending on the nature of the injury or illness.

Neuro surgery deals with Removal of brain tumors, treatment for neurovascular diseases, functional disorders, pain, trauma and other complex conditions requiring surgical intervention. Also deals with neurological diseases that are extremely difficult to treat with conventional therapies.

Disorders of the brain, spine and nerves commonly treated by neurosurgeons include:

Carotid Artery Disease,

•          Carpal Tunnel Syndrome,

•          Cervical Spine Disorders,

•          Chronic Pain,

•          Craniosynostosis,

•          Epilepsy,

•          Head Injury,

•          Herniated Disk,

•          Hydrocephalus,

•          Intracranial Aneurysm,

•          Lumbar Spinal Stenosis,

•          Meningomyelocele,

•          Parkinson’s Disease,

•          Spina Bifida,

•          Spinal Cord Injury,

•          Stroke,

•          Trigeminal Neuralgia, and Tumors.

The Hamida Ashiq Trust Hospital’s Spine Centre offers comprehensive non-surgical and surgical treatment for the full spectrum of spinal disorders including:

•          Degenerative conditions of the spine,

•          Cervical or lumbar spinal stenosis (degenerative),

•          Cervical or lumbar disc herniation (degenerative),

•          Scoliosis or adult deformity of the spine (degenerative).

•          Management of Spinal Cord

•          Management of Spinal Cord Tumors

•          Management of Spinal Trauma

The highly skilled Neuro Surgeons propose treatment/surgery options to individuals to suit their needs:

•          Minimally Invasive surgery

•          Traditional Open Spinal Fusion procedures

•          Motion Preservation

•          Disc Arthroplasty and replacement,

•          Dynamic stabilization of the spine.

The most commonly List of Diagnostic Tests advised include:

1.  Digital X-Ray

2.  CT Scan for Brain/Spine

3.  MRI Brain/Spine

4.  EEG

5.  EMG

6.  Dexa Bone Scan

7.  Radio Isotope Bone Scan

8.  Laboratory Tests

9.  Lumber Puncture.

10. Mammogram

11. Ultrasound/Color Doppler Studies.

Challenging surgeries:

•          Used the Minimally Invasive approach to remove a brain tumor through the         eyebrow

•          Successfully removed a 4 mm brain tumor endoscopically through the nose; as the tumor was sited under the brain this was a high-risk surgery

Role in Epilepsy Management:

Neurologist and neurosurgeon at the Hamida Ashiq Trust Hospital’s Neuro & Spine Centre specialize in providing individually tailored  Epilepsy treatment plans and comprehensive care programs to patients—even those with the most difficult to control seizures. Designed to enable each patient to live a full and productive life. Our team includes both pediatric consultants and adult specialists to suitably address the needs of the patients.

Role in Headache Management:

Headache Clinic integrates medical, behavioral and complementary medicine with a single goal—for headache to become a footnote rather than a focal point in your life. It focuses on

•          Headache Prevention

•          Lifestyle changes,

•          Physical therapy,

•          Stress management,

•          Nutritional counseling

 And planning for immediate response with appropriate medication when a headache occurs.

Memory Disorders Management:

Hamida Ashiq Trust Hospital offers services related to Memory Disorders is dedicated to the fight against age-related cognitive decline. Our physicians lead an interdisciplinary team of health care professionals working together to provide accurate diagnoses and to guide treatment. Experts from the fields of neuropsychology, psychiatry, nursing, pharmacy, and genetic counselling collaborate closely with our behavioral neurologists, providing medical care that is both cutting edge and compassionate.

Movement Disorder:

The aim is to diagnose and treat patients with Movement Disorders.

•          Diagnostic and treatment modalities for any type of movement disorder,

•          including but not limited to Parkinson’s Disease,

•          Essential Tremor,

•          Dystonia,

•          Blepharospasm,

•          Tics,

•          Chorea,

•          Tardive Dyskinesia,

•          Multiple System Atrophy and

•          other Parkinsonian syndromes.

We use our clinical expertise to assess each patient with state of the art diagnostic tools and design a customized therapy program that may involve medication and/or surgical treatment.

Neuroimmunology & Multiple Sclerosis

We treat patients in a holistic, interdisciplinary manner and are oriented toward helping them conserve their abilities and prepare for the inevitable loss in capabilities.

Treatment for Neuromuscular disease

We treat patients with muscle, neuromuscular junction and peripheral nerve disorders in our outpatient Clinic. In addition to clinical consultations, we provide a full range of services including electromyography and nerve conduction study, muscle and nerve biopsy, and physical & occupational therapy

Surgeries include:


Transnasal endoscopic Excision Of Pituitary

Trans Nasal Excision Of Pituitary

Spine Surgery l Neuro Surgery

Spinal fusion Surgery with instrumentation l Neuro Surgery

Microlumbar Decompression


Lumbar Spinal Fusion Surgery l Neuro Surgery