• June 10, 2021
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  • BCG & Polio
  • Hepatitis – B 
  • HiB
  • Measles
  • MMR
  • Typhoid
  • Hepatitis – A
  • Chickenpox
  • Pneumo Conjugate
  • DPT + HiB + OPV
  • Temperature/Swelling (Positive)
  • DTaP + HiB + IPV
  • Temperature/Swelling (Negative)
  • Rota Virus
  • Fluarex
  • Vaccination for Snake Bite/Cat bite/Dog bite (shall be immediately made available ON CALL)
Disease Cause of infection         Vaccine   Dose Age of  Administration
Childhood TBBacteria        BCG  1 Soon After Birth
Poliomyelitis Virus        OPG  4OPV0: Soon after birthOPV1: 6 WeeksOPV2: 10 WeeksOPV3: 14 Weeks
Measles Virus  Measles Vaccine 2Measles1: 09 monthMeasles2: 15month
Measles+Mumps+Rubella VirusMMR21st dose: 12-15 months2nd dose: 4-6y
Hepatitis A VirusHAV VaccineInactivated vaccineLive Vaccine2  1The 2nd dose normally 6 months after the first. If needed, this interval may be extended to 18-36 months.Minimum age for HAV vaccination is 1year.
Chickenpox Virus Chicken Pox vaccine21st dose: 12-15 months old2nd dose: 4-6y old
Pneumonia and meningitis due to S.pneumoia Bacteria Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine (PCV10)3Pneum1:6 weeksPneumo2:10 weeksPneumo2:14 weeks
 Rota Virus  Virus  Rotavirus Vaccine2 or 31st dose: 2 months of age2nd dose : 4 months of age3rd dose: 6 months of age(if needed)

Safe Vaccination Tips 

  • Follow the vaccination schedule
  • Always check the expiry date of vaccine 
  • Always check the possible side effects of the vaccination
  • Ensure that storage temperature of the vaccine is maintained
  • Please contact your pediatrician immediately if you see any adverse reactions or fever