• June 10, 2021
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Hamida Ashiq Trust Hospital’s¬†Physiotherapy & Sports Rehabilitation Center (NBR Clinic) offers following diagnostics and treatments:

  1. Shortwave Diathermy
  2. Ultrasonic Therapy
  3. Interferential Therapy
  4. Infrared Rays
  5. Ultraviolet Rays
  6. Nerve and Muscle Stimulation
  7. TENs (Transcutaneous Electric Nerve Stimulation)
  8. Exercise / Manipulative Therapy
  9. Cervical Traction
  10. Back Pain
  11. Neck Pain
  12. Knee Pain
  13. Muscular Pain
  14. Sports Injuries
  15. CP (Cerebral Palsy)
  16. Arthritis
  17. Sciatica
  18. Nerve Injuries
  19. Frozen Shoulder
  20. Stroke Rehabilitation
  21. Cardio-Pulmonary Rehabilitation
  22. Paralysis
  23. Post Fracture Complication
  24. Sports Medicine
  25. Primary Care
  26. Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
  27. Podiatry
  28. Healthy Weight Loss Program
  29. Physical Fitness
  30. Gait Analysis
  31. Traction

The Clinic is aiming to be the first multidisciplinary sports medicine and neuro muscular rehabilitation clinic in the country.

Since its inception, the Clinic is committed towards providing extremely professional and comprehensive therapy and care under one roof.

The Clinic brings a variety of modern therapeutic and rehabilitation specialties for muscle and joint problems, including sports-related or workplace injuries.

The Clinic prides itself in successfully treating a comprehensive list of surgical and non-surgical problems, including but not limited to tennis elbow, rotator cuff injuries, heel injuries, lower back problems, knee pain, knee injuries, stress fractures and muscle injuries.

Our approach is to use non-surgical methods to treat spine, shoulder, hip, knee and foot problems with a strong focus on the recovery process that helps you regain strength, relieve pain and get you back to your daily active life as quickly as possible.