• June 10, 2021
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Computerized eye testing for glasses’ The specialized eye computer gives accurate results within seconds by scanning the eyes. The computer works by focusing the reflection of light from within the eye to calculate the number. This saves a lot of time and effort by not having to find out the number manually. Of course, once the computer gives the number, it is confirmed on a computerized chart projector to determine the accuracy of the reading.

Phacoemulsification This is a procedure to remove cataract without stitching and usually without injection. A foldable lens is implanted through a small incision.

Biometry Biometry is a procedure, which implies specialized ultrasound technology to calculate the number of lens which is to be placed in the eyes after phako.

In diagnostics we have the latest model of IOL master for those who prefer to have the most accurate IOL power calculations for their patients. In addition to this there is a manual biometry facility by Nidek A Scan machine. B Scan is also available.
Eye Laser theatres are equipped with:

  • Latest Iridex Green Laser
  • Latest model of Zeiss YAG Laser.

Eye Theatre

There is a specially designed Operating theatre for Ophthalmology. It has its own reception and waiting area for Ophthalmic surgical patients who are looked after by a well trained staff. Efforts have been made to offer and maintain an international standard of care. This includes a separate prep room where the patients are prepared for surgery and gowns worn. General anesthesia  with state of the art anesthesia machines.


  • Latest model of Zeiss Lumera Microscope with assistant scope.
  • Faros by Oertelli for Phaco ad posterior Vitrectomy .
  • 20 as well 23G Vitrectomy.
  • Facility of Endolaser as well as Indirect Laser.
  • ERBE cryo.
  • Perkins Tonometer.
  • Hand held keratometer.
  • Multiple IOL inventory.

We have emergency care facility as well for eye emergencies.