• June 4, 2019
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Fareeda Butt, 65 years

I am a housewife; I was shot by Dacoits during a house Robbery. The bullet damaged my liver, kidney and intestines. The Blood was all over on the bedroom floor. I was taken to Hamida Ashiq Trust Hospital’s Emergency. The Emergency Team packed my wounds and shifted me to the Operating theatre. The massive blood loss had to be compensated. My family members gave 2 Blood bags. But the damage was extensive. My family turned to the Hamida Ashiq Trust Hospital’s Blood Bank for help. They provided 6 bags of Blood and called in 2 fresh blood donors. After 10 blood transfusions and 6 hours of surgery Doctors were able to save me. This wouldn’t have been possible without the support of Blood Bank and the Emergency team. Today I am alive and Allah has blessed me with a new Life. I am enjoying the time with grand children because of timely service and efforts of Doctors.