• June 4, 2019
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Mohammed Sarwar, 54 years

I am a retired School Teacher, A Road Accident changed my life when my Leg (femur) was fractured with muscle injuries. I was taken to Hamida Ashiq Trust Hospital Emergency Department by nearby shop keepers. I was unconscious. My family was contacted by Emergency Department of Hamida Ashiq Trust Hospital. The Orthopedic Specialist came and attended me in no time. But the due to the Blood loss my surgery was not possible without arranging blood. Since my family resides outside Lahore it was difficult for them to reach in time. Hamida Ashiq Trust Hospital’s Blood Bank comforted my wife and daughter and provided blood from their Blood Bank in no time. The blood bags were cross matched and properly checked to be free from any disease. I am grateful to the Team of Hamida Ashiq Trust Hospital for saving my life. I found their service safe, reliable and upto the mark. Its been 9 months since my surgery. I am able to walk and life is back to normal.