• June 10, 2021
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Wayne Braganza

It was a classic case of going bad to worse. Our colleague Cheryl Diolata Afghani, US Citizen working in DGS Inc. Pakistan got very sick. Her diagnosis required long-term and specialized nursing care which could not be possible without her family. In absence of the family which resided in US, her colleagues from DGS never gave up on Cheryl. They worked constantly with US Embassy, head office of DGS and the doctors involved in her care to make the Medical Evacuation possible. Various options including chartered flight were considered but the condition of Cheryl was deteriorating. Then we came across Hamida Ashiq Trust Hospital’s Medical Evacuation Team which changed the game plan. They shifted Cheryl into their Intensive Care Unit and started building her up. In 10 days she was rehabilitated enough to undertake the air journey. On 9th of May, 2016 what seemed difficult, was made possible!

The Medevac team finally gave us a green signal and Cheryl was evacuated via commercial flight from Pakistan along with the medical escorts to the United States.

Cheryl is now recovering from her illness and reunited with her family. The job was professionally and compassionately handled by the MedEvac Team of Hamida Ashiq Trust Hospital.